Education Sponsorship

Shree Bhume People’s welfare society is a nonprofit, non-government organization working in education sector since 2000 A.D to create the appropriate environment for the children of poor people to go to school.

With only $2 a day, $60 a month or $720 a year, you can sponsor a child and make it possible for her/him to acquire all her/his basic rights like proper food, safe shelter, quality education and access to medical care and above all you help them to rebuilt their lives.

Communication between you and your sponsored child.

The organization will send you an updated progress report of your sponsored child, along with a photo once a year to share her/his performance in school and other developments in general. The sponsored child will also write a letter once a year in the month of December. Sponsors can send letters to their children twice a year but sending personal gifts to their sponsored children will not be accepted. Rather the sponsors are advised to send stationery items, games equipment which will go directly to the school for the use of all and not just an individual child. This is done in the best interest of all children at Shree Bhume Peoples' Welfare Society since all are not sponsored and we certainly do not want any child to be discriminated.

While we are trying to give the best, we will definitely appreciate your support through sponsoring a child or children. Our children deserve a better tomorrow and you can help us achieve that.

Your sponsorship is highly appreciated and it will certainly make a difference in their lives.