Nepal has an adult literacy rate of 57%, with disproportionate variation between the sexes and castes. According to the Education for All Global Monitoring Report, out of 7.6 million adult illiterates in Nepal, 67% are female. Many children end up with a poor education and little chance to compete for jobs that would help them break from the cycle of poverty.

The government of Nepal is committed to education and has declared a policy of universal access to literacy and numeracy. However, there are multiple barriers to effective implementation.

There are close to 500 schools in Gorkha, of which 400 are public. Many are located in remote mountain villages where procuring supplies is hindered by extreme poverty and lack of access to appropriate markets. Supporting these public schools is one of our core activities.

If any national and international volunteers want to join our education volunteering programs. They can serve in public schools of remote village of Gorkha districts which will be co-ordinated by Shree Bhume Peoples' Welfare Society.